TeleInViVo Project, Kazakhstan.Telemedicine project for 3-D imaging, ultrasound scanning, transmitting images to European doctors for creation the best medical solution.This project has been implemented by UNESCO since 1998 was selected among the final entries the IST 2000 Grand Prize, awarded at the European Community Information society Technologies (IST) 2000 Conference in Nice, France from 5-8 November 2000.

Проект ТелеИнВиво - 3-х мерные медицинские ультразвуковые исследования через Интернет


  • The TeleInViVo project in Kazakhstan has been selected as one of the examples for the newly established UN Works Web Site. The Web Site looks at the effect of all UN organisations on the lives of real people. In this case, TeleInViVo provides Dr Sadvakasova from Aralsk Regional Hospital with the opportunity for teleconsultation with specialists in a leading hospitals in Almaty. more...
  •  Background Information on TeleInViVo in Uganda and Kazakhstan. more...
  • 18-20.05.2000 Calibration process in ADC
  • Please find here test result for P5 at 18.05.00 22.05.2000 Training
  • European doctors train Kazakhstan partners for TeleInViVo photo and video report
  • 07.10.00 P5 is tested in Aralsk with good results, 
  • 19.10.00 started film production about TeleInVivo trial in Aralsk Hospital. 20.10.00 filming for test between Almaty and Aralsk. 
  • 12.11.00 Presented "TeleInVivo in Kazakhstan" videofilm .
  • 27-28.11.00 Demonstration Workshop on tele-medecine in Central Asia
    Almaty Diagnostic Centre (ADC), Almaty, Kazakhstan. Conference materials

Almaty code +7(3272)


Aralsk code +7(32433)

  • Katelco - Alma Zhanazarova project responsible tel. 638572; Elena Roxina, engineer, Dmitry Ostashko, engineer tel. 533832; Karine Kotoyants, vice president tel. 639400;

  • Almaty Diagnostic Centre - Moldahmetov Serik Kanapianovich, director, Nariman Akimalovich Musabekov, head of Ultrasound department, tel 428115; Ashat Abzhanov, doctor; 

  • UNESCO Office, Sergey Karpov, CII/INF specialist tel. 582643

  • Aralsk Hospital, Gabit, engeener, Ainura Saduakasova, doctor tel: 22260 ; Regional hospital Aralk - Argynday Asambayev, head of hospital tel: 21103; Erbulat, glav buh 22691; UNDP Office Aralsk, Sergey Sokolov(, 22471


  • 27-28.11.00 Demonstration Workshop on tele-medecine in Central Asia, Almaty Diagnostic Centre (ADC), Almaty, Kazakhstan. Conference materials
  • 19.09.00 TeleInViVo is among theWINNERS OF THE IST PRIZE 2000. The European IST Prize is organised by the European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering (Euro-CASE), with the sponsorship and support of the Information Society Technologies Programme of the European Commission. This year over 2xx projects from 26 countries have been submited! In clear words, IST Prize is amont the highest awards in this technology area on this continent. See for more details. The award will be given in a special section of the IST Conference in 6-8/11 in Nice, France.