UNESCO Knowledge Management Software eNRICH translated into Russian

The eNRICH software acts as a gateway to information, knowledge and services for rural communities. It chosen as the most appropriate multipurpose tool for effective use, processing and delivery of online information and knowledge to and from population, especially the most needy groups in conditions of costly Internet or its absence. Applying existing ICT tools which are widely used for providing population, especially those with a very limited access to information most disadvantaged social groups.

It will enable broadcasters to collect voices of watchers and listeners, which could increase public interest and social involvement. The eNRICH's software interface has been translated into Russian. Training for Information professionals in use of eNRICH take place from 18 to 22 January 2005 in Almaty.
The Russian eNRICH has now can be used by Russian speaking countries and, if required, it is now a platform for translation to other Cyrillic languages from Russian (for example Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik languages).
Translation was done by UNESCO Almaty Office in close collaboration with the software developer: CRISP Division, National Informatics Centre New Delhi, India
To download the software please contact: enrich@unesco.kz

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