of UNESCO in Kazakhstan

Faculty of
journalism of the
Kazakh national
state university
named after


Saule Barlybayeva,
the Head of UNESCO chair of KazNU


Alma Rustemova,
senior teacher of KazNU


Vitaly Loginov

The electronic course - "Mass communications" is developed in view of new disciplines, taught at the faculty of journalism of KazNU named after al-Farabi. The creation of the given course is dictated by the increased modern requirements for maintenance of improvement of preparation and improvement of professional skill of journalistic staff. The preparation of experts in the sphere of mass media and communication is impossible without mastering knowledge of new journalistic disciplines, without use of new information technologies (IT), without a modern science of practice.

In the given course the basic fundamental and applied journalistic disciplines are covered which enter into a general course - "Mass communications ". A methodological basis of an electronic course is the lectures of the teachers of the faculty journalism of KazNU, work of Kazakhstan, Russian and foreign scientists. The history of journalism of Kazakhstan, the main stages of its development, modern tendencies of mass media in the Republic are thrown light in 20 chapters. The authors of these chapters give the characteristic of foreign journalism of Asia, Europe, America, freshen the types, kinds and genres of printed and electronic press. They conduct the conversation on functions, principles and concepts of mass communication, about ethics of journalistic creativity, about legal and ethical norms of journalism, about audio-visual mass media, about a role of management in journalism, advertising and Public Relation service, about influence of new information technologies on mass media.

Developing structure of an electronic course, the authors aspired to inform on last scientific achievement in the field of mass communication, using traditions of journalism in Kazakhstan and its modern development.
The new disciplines, such as are "Management in journalism", "Advertising in Mass Media", "Design of press and Web-design", "Public relations" etc. are given in the course. The special attention is given to influence of new information technologies on traditional and new means of mass communications in national, regional and international levels.

This electronic course elucidates the specificity and originality of mass communication in Kazakhstan. It gives the new interpretation of activity of mass media in the period of gaining the sovereignty (1991), transition of the country to the market relations, reforming social - political and economic sphere of a society to a democratic way of development, entry of the Republic into the global information space.

The new information environment created with the help of new communication technologies was formed in the XXI century. On the fact of how the state and society use these new opportunities depends the future of the country, further development of socio-economic reforms, cultural transformations, development of a democratic, civil society. The catalyst of them is mass media.

Many new communication technologies have arisen with advent of Internet, due to it greater number of people have received direct access to mass media. Internet has absorbed and summarised in itself all information, stored by mankind. And today World Wide Web is not only mine of information, but also environment for conversation and education of people.

The purpose of electronic course "Mass communications" is make acquaintance of journalists, experts in the field of mass media, and also students of the faculty of journalism to theoretical knowledge, concepts reflecting modern tendencies of mass media in developing of a civil democratic society under conditions of socio-economic reforming of the country; to modern practical experience of work of periodic editions, information agencies, TV and Radio companies.

Studying the course on mass communications the students will gain skills of research and analytical work.
The Faculty of journalism, chair of UNESCO on journalism and communication of KazNU expresses gratitude to UNESCO Representatives in Kazakhstan for support, co-operation and development of the electronic course - "Mass communications".

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