of UNESCO in Kazakhstan

Faculty of
journalism of the
Kazakh national
state university
named after

At the present stage the faculty of journalism of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi trains specialists in full- time and correspondence form of studying for all means of mass media in specialities: journalism, publishing and editing, public relation, design of advertising.

The Faculty of journalism is not only the oldest in the Republic (1934), but it is also one of the largest in CIS. The total amount of students is more than thousand, studying in full- time and correspondence departments in Kazakh and Russian languages. At present there are 6 professors, doctors of sciences and 15 senior lecturers, candidates of sciences, and also research workers, teachers, engineering, teaching and educational staff working at the faculty.

There are 7 chairs at the faculty: the chair of UNESCO on journalism and communication, Management of mass media and advertising, Television and Radio journalism, Publishing and editing, Periodic press, History of journalism and International journalism.
Education of the students at the faculty is conducted in the following specialities:
-  "Journalism",
-  "Publishing and editing",
-  "Management of mass media and advertising",
-  "Public relation",
-  "Broadcasting and TV",
-  "International journalism".

The Faculty carries out training at all levels: the bachelors, masters, candidates of sciences, doctors of sciences.
The new form of special courses on methods of creative workshops of the famous researchers of journalism, scientists, popular publicists is introduced for master students at the faculty.
The scientific-practical magazine "Bulletin of KazNU is issued at the faculty. Scientific articles on problems of mass media, training specialists for various branches of mass media and the Republican publishing houses are published in series "Journalism" in Kazakh, Russian, English languages. The Republican educational-methodical Council on journalism and Council of young scientists work at the faculty. The specialised Council on defence of candidate dissertations on speciality (10.01.10.) journalism has worked since 1997.

The faculty has the advanced information-technical base, sufficient audience fund, radio and television studios equipped with the modern equipment. There is a computer class with access to Internet. There is a reading hall for 30 places, subscription for scientific and fiction literature, literature on mass media at the faculty. A student's program "Sana" has been put on the air of the Kazakh Republican TV and Kazakh radio since 1997. The students of the University publish the educational newspaper "Journalist", the teachers and students of the faculty of journalism issue the newspaper "Kazakh University".

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