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Jurt - a universal dwelling of turkic people of Eurasia steppes -  is an optimal type for nomadic mode of life. It completely satisfies the nomad's  need in quickness of putting and dismantling, transportability on camels and horses, waterproofing, freshness even in winter (owing to double layer of felt  and hearth it was quite possible to stay in jurt in cold seasons).
At the same time jurt has rather simple construction; it consists a wooden frame: kerege (lattice frame), uyk (laths for fastening walls and cupola), shanyrak (a cupola) and felt covering.
Arrangement of all things - along the wall or in hanging position, depends on the rounded form of  the jurt, keeping more living space.
Those, who visited the jurt for first time, were striken with it's decoration. The art critic wrote that the Kazakhs lived "in world of ornament", as it were. Utensils made of  fabric, metal, leather, wood - everything was covered with an ornament, incrusted with bone, silver and stone inserts.

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