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  Kazakh warriors always used in a battle  five principal types of   weaponry : a bow with an arrows, sabre, a spear, a cudgel,
an axe. protective weaponry  consists of a bnckler, fighting headgear (a helmet, misjurka), armour ( a hauberk, coat of mail cuirass) and subsidary protecting means (breast armour, figthing belts). Musrum collecction includes the whole complex of armament.
One of the rare samples of defensive weaponry is a breast armour, brlonged to Sultan Arystan Aichvakov. It has a unique form and construction and consists of  five metal plates, fastened with straps. The surface is decorated with floral ornament and "ajats" - extracts from the Coran. Such armour was ewaring upon the hauberk. In the case of the intestine encounter  were used spears with obruse tip   on purpose   of knocking the enemy   out of the saddle. The spear was not  only a private arma\ment of the warrior,  it has a ritual meaning   - after his death it became a flagstaff. According to eye-witnesses evidence, a high spear  was placed in the left part of the jurt   with it's tip outside. A width was tied   to the very top of the spear.
Beginning from the  second half of the XXth c. all enumerated types of weaponry  fall into oblivion.

Breast armour. 
Iron. XYIIIth  c.
A  helmet 
Steel, horse hair  XYIIth c..
A quiver with arrows 
Leather, wood, metal. XVIII-XIXth c..
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