Central State Museum of Kazakhstan

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 Plate  with  plant's imprints  of Mesozoic era. 
Northern Aral region 

Deposits of all 12 geological periods  from the  Kembrian (570 mln years ago) have been discovered on the territory of Kazakhstan. 
Palaeontological  collection consists  of approximately thirteen thousand  articles of the Earth history; the oldest one is wavy-surf ripple (500 mln years). 
The sandstone plate preserved clear   imprints of alder-tree leaves, conifers, grass sterms and leaves. It is evidently that about 500 mln. years ago leaves of    trees and bushes, growing round stagnant reservoir with considerable concentration of ferric salt in water, felt in it. Owing to the calm condition of water and sufficiently low temperature  in reservoir   leaves had been preserved. By the time they were covered with  silt and splendidly kept in sedimentary rocks. 
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