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Collection of photographs, documents, negatives of Central State Museum of Republic of Kazakhstan numbers of approximately 80 thousand exhibits.
Of great interest for those who are interested in the history of Semirechye are photographical materials from N.N. Pantusov collection.
Pantusov, an officer of a high rank in Russian administration  in Semirechye region, was frankly interested in history and life of the Central Asia population, he was interested in ancient manuscripts, memorials, materials of folk art, archaeology and ethnography. About 200 unique exhibits of written sources, photodocuments and antiquities from N.N. Pantusov's collection are keeping in museum funds.

1. Photo. Bashkir women.  
The end of the XIX c.

2. Photo. Taranchins. 
The end of the XIX c.

3. Photo. Uigur sultan Abyl-bek. 
The end of the XIX c.

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