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  A manuscript fund of Central State Museum consists of approximately  one hudred publications of rare books and manuscripts. Among them is religious literature: The Bible, published in 1751, "The Acts of the Apostles. Saint Paul's Message", rare publication of the Bible and many others.


AL-CORAN, 1676 . 

Of great valuability are Coran publications, the oldest belongs to the XVII c.
Among the rarest books are "The Blessed Notes of Mohammed's Followers", written in Turkic language in arabic type, printed in Istambul in 1786, and "Moslem's Duties" of 1893, published in Saint-Petersburg in Central Asian literary language (chagatai),text of' the Moslem's calendar and chronological system in arabic type, implemented in ink on fabric.


The Passage regulations for inhabitants of former Kuldzhinsky region to Russian territory in 1880-1881"

This is an agreement of foreign policy between Russian and Chinese goverments at the end of XIX c., it regulates the rights of the passage for inhabitants of Kuldzgnsky region to the territory of Eastern Kazakhstan.  Formulation "the inhabitant of the former Kuldzhinsky region" implied Kazakh tribes, nomading from traditional summer pastures in Kuldzha  to winter  camps beyond the eastern borders of Kazakhstan, being the part of Russian territory. The text is imprinted on  fabric in China and Kazakh languages in arabic type.
Document's    fragment.

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