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The Cargaly treasure.

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Diadem. Gold. Almaty region  II c.B.C. - I c. A.D.

In 1939 in mountains of Zailiski Alatay in rock cleft was discovered priestresse's burial of the II c.B.C. - I c.A.D. By the name of the place it was found the find was called the "Kargalinsky treasure". 
The most intersting item of the burial is a gold diadem - adornment of a ritual headgear. Only two lateral fragments preserved, the central part is lost. It is quite possible, that figures of birds, animals, mysterious male and female persons, depicted on the diadem, reflect the shaman conception of supreme god of the "Heaven" and the "Earth". 
The Kargaly woman owing to her attributes, was considered to be provided with supernatural abilities and knowledges and played a role of a godish  messenger . 
At present time museums collection of  Kargaly treasure contains of 370 items of gold adornment.

The Jalauly Treasure . 

 Crown. Gold. Almaty region.  
 V-III cc. B.C.

The Jalauly treasure was casually found by scholars in Kegen district of Almaty region in 1988. A large number of gold items were concealed underground in felt sack by unknown "Treasure lover" - at the begining of  the XX c. All gold articles were robbed from saka burial mounds in Kegen Valley - the centre of saka reside. Of much interest is a golden crown in the shape of massive half moon plate. The surface of  a crown is decorated with miniature argalis's figurines with sockets  fo inserts. 
Museum's collection of Jalauly treasure consists of 627 golden items - clothes adorments, belt set, horse-harness and other articles of jewellery art of early nomads of Semirechye region of  V - III cc. B.C. 

The Pokrovsky treasure.  

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Chalcedony seal. Gold 
Aktjubinsk region. VII-IV cc. B.C.

  Under the cupolashaped mound embankment, excavated by archaeologist A. Kastanje in Aktjubinsk region (Western Kazakhstan), in a rich woman birual were discovered 20 golden articles. Owing to the attributes found, it was a priestress birual. 
One of the finds of Pokrovka treasure - chalcedony Achemenidian seal, set in gold, equally with other items testifies to close connections of nomads  and Persia. The motive of the subjet - a fighting scene between a king and a griffin engraved on an obverse - was borrowed from the famous works of Assyrian sculpture. 

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