Central State Museum of Kazakhstan

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Central State Museum consists of four exhibition halls, illustrating the  centuries - old history of Kazakhstan from the beginning of life on Earth, appearance of  the first traces of human activity, development of settled  and nomadic civilizations, formation of the first state units, intestine wars and mass migration of peoples up to the impetuous events of this century to our time.

  The First exhibition hall - the hall of Palaeontology and Archaeology. It's exposition consists of two sections. Palaeontological section presents vast osteological material, fossil fragments, imprints of insects and fishes, microscopic plant's spores and pollen, etc. 
Archaeological exposition includes artefacts, reflecting our history from Palaeolithic epoch to XV c. - the period of Kazakh State's formation. Copies of the most valuable archaeological findings - "The Golden Man", reconstruction of ancient burials and household constructions, models of medieval architectural buildings, a colourful diorama of Otrar's defence are also presented in this section. 

The Second exposition hall is devoted to the history of Kazakhstan from  the XVth to the beginning of XXth c. It was the yearsSecond hall of formation of the first Kazakh khanate, development of it's statehood, struggle of Kazakh people against Djunghar invaders, annexation of Kazakh territories to Russian Empire. Etnhographical material, presented in exposition, reflects the mode of life of Kazakh people, formed for a period of many centuries, ideologyl and spiritual culture. 
You are available to be acquianted with original photographs and documents, books, collages, vast cartographical material, articles of everyday life, decorative art, traditional Kazakh dwelling - jurt.

  The principal part of the exposition of the Third Exhibition hall formed sections, presented materials on history and ethnography of people, inhabited the territory of  our Republic. 
From the end of the XIXth c. in Kazakhstan had been actively held police of settling the territory by migrants from various Russia and Ukraine provinces, southern regions were inhabited by uigurs and dunghans. The next century Kazakhstan became some kind of a  ground for  deportation of objectionable to the Supreme power nations. Exposition presents photographs, documents, articles of everyday life and art of Russians, Ukrainians,Germans, Coreans, Uigurs  u many others. 
Display "Kazakhstan in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" is represented in the other part of the exposition.

The Fourth exhibition hall presents materials on the modern history of Kazakh Republic (from 1991 to our time), and involves the period from declaring independence of our Republic as a sovereign state. A large number of photografic, documental and material exhbits reflect complicated way of coming into being of Kazakh statehood, first succesful steps, problems of transitional period. Besides this exposition presents materials which define development of modern science and culture, gifts of the heads of the foreign Governments to our President.