Address: 217 ulitsa Kurmanjan Datka,

Osh, Kyrghyzstan. 714000

Tel:	(996) 3222 55259

Email: alisher@elcat.osh.su

Mission of the organization

Osh Media Resource Center’s mission is to support democratic reforms; to promote freedom of press, media development and the free flow of information in the Ferghana valley, to contribute to the development of the media network in Central Asia.

 Founding date and the founders of the organization

The Regional UNESCO Office and the United States Information Service founded the center in 1996.

 Legal entity

Osh Media Resource Center (OMRC) is a non-governmental organization. Mainly, the members of the Media Center are journalists. (27 print and electronic media outlets of the southern Kyrgyzstan)

 The Coordination Council of OMRC is the main body, which coordinates and plans the activities at the center. It consists of 5 people who are elected for the term of 1 year. The members of the Council meet every three-month to review the OMRC manager’s report on the activities held or events conducted. At the meetings, members of the Council discuss problems and difficulties, which media representatives encounter on a daily basis. The results of these meetings are recommendations and guidelines, which OMRC staff follows in its pursuit to help journalists. The members of the Council are usually editors, station managers or reporters who are aware of vital needs and problems of journalists. To have more insight about the problems and difficulties of journalists, OMRC conducts surveys among its members.

Main activities
Main projects and activities of the OMRC

    • Computer courses for print and electronic media representatives

    • Beginning and Intermediate English courses

    • Educational , professional seminars; training and workshops on a wide range of topics

    • Access to internet, email, fax, copying

    • Daily news digest service from world’s main information sources

( CNN, BBC, Reuters, Interfax, Reuters)

    • Assistance to international organizations and missions, which provide educational and technical support to media outlets in Kyrgyzstan.

    • Independent audience research

    • Student involving activities ( debates, discussions)

    • Briefings, roundtable discussions, conferences

    • The school of the young reporter ( a series of professional lectures on journalism for students, majoring in journalism)

    • The student radio. ( radio; DJ courses )

    • Internship program for university graduates

    • Assistance to educational institutions and schools

 Results reached through these projects

Computer and English courses

About 80 journalists from 17 print and electronic media outlets have been able to improve their language and computer skills by attending our computer and English classes. OMRC courses enable journalists to communicate and to exchange ideas with foreign counterparts and partners without difficulties. Their work becomes efficient with the use of new computer software.

 Free access to internet, email, fax, copying

Free access to internet, email, fax and daily news service at OMRC allows media representatives to be in the center of world and local events and news. They use obtained material in their professional areas and publications.

Seminars, conferences, workshops, training at OMRC

OMRC supports and encourages journalists to participate in international conferences, seminars and educational events. So far, about 20 journalists have attended seminars conducted by different media supporting organizations. OMRC’s assistance in exchange professional and educational programs are recognized by the acknowledgements of different organizations.

OMRC organizes and conducts seminars, conferences, and workshops, which attract journalists from all over the Ferghana valley. They promote further integration of media, professional unity of journalists, free exchange of information, ideas and experience across the board.

Educational projects (the student radio, the school of the young reporter)

OMRC’s educational projects are intended to promote outstanding and advanced students and to help them develop professional skills in the area of journalism. A number of competent guest speakers and media specialists are invited to deliver lecturers to students. The fact that there is no school of journalism in the area makes our educational programs very important for the southern media outlets.

Independent audience research

Every six month, OMRC conducts an independent audience research among viewers or readers of different media outlets in Osh area. The results are presented to the stations, newspapers. This enables media representatives be aware of public opinion and community needs. The information obtained in the research is useful to attract advertisers.

 Donors: UNESCO, United States Information Service; Swiss Coordination Office, Bishkek.

 Partners: CIMERA NETWORKS, SWISS AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, UNESCO, USIS, Internews-Kyrgyzstan, Soros Foundation, Netherlands Management and Cooperation Program, KABAR (Kyrgyz National Information Service), Konrad Adenauer Fund, IREX, Indian Studies Center, Osh State University, Osh Pedagogical College, Osh Technological University, UNHCR, Interbilim.