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The Central Asian Media Resource Center

Address: 208 Sovetskaya str.,office 41, 720040 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,
Tel 996 (312) 286969 Fax 996 (312) 286969
E-Mail: mrc@elcat.kg, wholokgz@elcat.kg

History of establishment

The Central Asian Media Resource Center (CAMRC) was established on the basis of UNESCO Media Resource Center, and registered as independent official institution since February 1998. UNESCO Media Resource Centre has been established in the frames of UNDP, UNESCO, IPDC and UNFPA institutions project “KYR/94/005: MASS MEDIA IN A PERIOD OF REFORMS AND TRANSITION”.

Having been established CAMRC got a set of modern computer equipment, movie development equipment (TV studio with BetaCam – SP, DV and S-VHS), conference hall, library.

Mission Statement

The Center was established to provide Kyrgyzstan journalists, non-governmental organisation and other institutions with information and services to help them better inform the public. The main aims of the CAMRC are to enhance professional’ level of journalists and to consolidate media professionals in the region of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, to help journalism field in the Kyrgyzstan’s Universities, to render technical and consultative aids to mass media organizations. On the basis of the CAMRC there have been established Development Support Communication Unit (DSCU). The goal is to develop and create a good quality of program content, technical and creative ideas in TV Journalism in Central Asia and TV Company Level. Having been working up today the CAMRC welcomes and supports all projects with goal on:

  • Consolidation the regional journalism, getting cooperation with foreign organization in mass media and NGO development field.
  • Rising professional journalist’s level.
  • Journalism educational field in Central Asia
  • Professional Foreign Exchange in mass media and NGO development field.
  • Rendering technical and consultation assistance for professional unification of journalists of Central Asia.


    Events and Activities

    The CAMRC regularly holds press conferences, briefings, seminars, round table discussions on a wide range of topics. Famous public figures, politicians, economists, ecologists, sociologists, human rights protectors, scientists, representatives of state, international and non-governmental organisations participate in the press conferences and seminars organised by the Center. Many foreign and local companies, organisations foundations use the facilities of the Center in order to inform the public about their activities. At present the CAMRC is a wonderful informational and technical basis for journalists, press-services, NGOs, international organisations and UN agencies, journalism students.CAMRC has been actively co-operating with state and independent media organisations, with governmental and NGO's. Since 1999 the Youth Press-Club for journalism students and high school pupils has been working at the CAMRC. We have our own newsletter called "Slovechko", which was produced in the frame of UNESCO project “School of practical journalism”. CAMRC co-operates with the Public Foundation of Electronic Mass Media of Kyrgyzstan (ESMIK), Central Asian Network of Women Journalists (WIMCA), Coalition of NGOs “For Democracy and Civil Society”, Journalism Union, WHO LO, NGO “Keep the health healthy” and others. The CAMRC closely co-operates with many NGOs in Kyrgyzstan (NGOs Coalition “For democracy and civil society”, Kyrgyz Committee on Human Rights, Regional Centre of Gender problems of Central Asia, Journalism Union, Foundation of Publicity Protection, Kazak Press-Club and many others. The centre prepared a series of projects in the fields of mass media and journalism education as “Creation a journalism library” with Soros-Foundation, “School of practical journalists” with UNESCO in Almaty, “Raising Awareness of the Population in Ecological Issues” with TACIS, etc.

    Planning and funding, needs

    The CAMRC plans to make real series useful projects that were successfully realised and some new projects.

  • Conducting practical seminars on different issues of journalism on the National and Central Asia levels (on advertising for mass media, modern management and marketing in mass media, advance and analytical journalism, ecological and news reporting journalism, health journalism and etc).
  • Human rights field (monitoring, organising conferences, seminars, round table discussions on human rights issues, organising a series of broadcasting human rights programs).
  • Conducting press conferences, briefings, and round table discussions with embassies, public, state and international organisations.
  • Enhancing professional level of journalist of the region. (Organising seminars for the regional journalists on very important media issues, publishing media manuals for rural journalists, distributing books and manuals to rural media, providing information exchange for journalists in the region.)
  • Conducting practical courses in TV and radio journalism for University students in Kyrgyzstan
  • (Kyrgyz-American, Slavonic and National Universities.)
  • Producing and broadcasting the cycle of TV programmes on different issues (social and culture life, health, environment)
  • Any other projects offered to the CAMRC are very welcome.

    To implement all planning The CAMRC needs to establish collaboration with international donor organizations for funding, to establish more mutually beneficial cooperation with international mass media institutions that will allow to solve all difficulties and obstacles the CAMRC is experiencing.


    All great amount of work has been and is going to be completed thanks to priorities in the CAMRC: Popularity in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia; Willing and achievement of the CAMRC team in realizing their goals and tasks; great experience in arranging and holding workshops, training and press conference.

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