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UNESCO Cluster Office Almaty

CDS-ISIS, an advanced non-numerical information storage and retrieval software which has been developed by UNESCO since 1985, was translated into Kazakh and Russian. It is now avaiable for Central Asian region.

CD-ROM includes CDS\ISIS for DOS, CDS\ISIS for UNIX, CDS\ISIS for Windows (WinISIS) v.1.4. WinISIS contains English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Kazakh

1. Russification of CDS\ISIS

Messages Database, options of the full-function menu and reduced versions menu are translated into Russian. The length of messages was picked up for correct display in CDS\ISIS.

2. Training for a department of culture on July, 17-19, 2002 is carried out (materials of training) The purpose of training was that in the shortest terms is to learn students create and further support serviceability of the database CDS\ISIS. The basic emphasis has been made on practical development of a theoretical material. Training Materials and also additional materials for independent studyingwere given to students.

3. The glossary on localization of CDS\ISIS was developed

On the basis of russification experience the localization glossary on CDS\ISIS has been created. The document was supplied with a plenty of CDS\ISIS program screenshots, with the indication of each interface element in the messages database and menu database. The structure of the document allows to use it as a pattern for localization CDS\ISIS on any other language, that will certainly facilitate performance of this task.

4. The instruction on localization CDS\ISIS is developed

Actions are described in the instruction step by step which are necessary for making to the user for independent localization CDS\ISIS.

5. Kazification of CDS\ISIS

Messages Database, options of the full-function menu and reduced versions menu are translated into Kazakh language. Kazification was developed with use of glossary (look point 3) and the instruction (look point 4) on localization CDS\ISIS. Thus these both documents have been tested in practice.

6. The instruction on adjustment of support Kazakh language CDS\ISIS was developed

There are many realizations at the level of operational system supporting Kazakh language which are not compatible among themselves. As a result, instruction on adjustment of support of the Kazakh language in CDS\ISIS has been developed.

7. The Database on achaeological photomaterialswas made available on the Internet as follow up to the training provided by the Multimedia Trainers Group for two State Research Institutions in Kazakhstan on July 2002.
There is also availabe the opportunity to view the photos corresponding to records of the database using GENISIS non documentary opportunities.

8. CD-ROMs are prepared for dissemination
Official CDS/ISIS website

200 CDs have been recorded. Design of loose leaves for CD and autorun program were developed. Fully-automated autorun program helps to russificate CDS\ISIS. Support of Russian language (point 1), Kazakh (point 5) language and the localization documentation (points 3,4,6) were added in standard package of CDS\ISIS.